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The agency for brand building, packaging and design with heart

We work for medium-sized businesses and unicorns. For top chefs and foodlovers. For sparkling wine and seltzer. For heroes and people like you and me. For inventors and all those who make our lives sustainably better. We help start-ups to take the leap. We give brands the power to rise to new heights. And we fertilise your communication when you need a boost.

We are based in Hamburg. But with our ideas you can conquer the whole world – and of course the World Wide Web. Our solid know-how is based on almost 20 years of experience. But we aren’t yesterday's news by any means. To reach your goals, we always think out of the box.

Ready to create some buzz? With customised concepts and innovative 360 degree communication. With comprehensive and personal advice. With expertise and razor-sharp analyses.

BrandGarden by MIT SCHMIDT – We grow success.

What we do


A single flower only blooms for a few weeks but a thoughtfully designed garden remains colourful throughout the seasons. That's why we don't rely on short-lived trends in advertising but we take a closer look at the development of the markets and create smart marketing strategies.


At Brand Garden, we treat your brand message like a plant that needs to be nurtured and cared for with know-how, creativity and a great deal of passion for details. In doing so, we always work economically and save ourselves the fertiliser of showmanship. Instead, we sow tasteful, sometimes even unusual ideas that grow directly into the light of attention.

Brand Building

The launch of a brand is like landing on a foreign planet – an adventure, a first step. In this case, brand building does the terraforming. A brand can become anything: a blade of grass, a plantation – or a gigantic forest.

Brand Building

At Brand Garden, we do more for your brand, because we believe in what we do. Our strong brand and POS strategies are developed to grow in every economic climate and bring you sustainable fruits of success. Like any good gardener, we take a planned, careful and far-sighted approach and provide you with efficient 360 degree solutions – from logo development to content marketing and online communication to packaging design.


The paths of communication are often convoluted or overgrown with competing messages. That's why a few flowery words are no longer enough to stand out of the crowd.


Public Relations from Brand Garden is long-term, strategic and well thought-out. We think 360-degrees and always see to the best media ground. Since communication from Brand Garden has a digital thumb, we are not only extremely successful in the classic press, but also in social media and online media. Even when things get stormy, we are always by your side.

Sales promotion

When ideas come to fruition, this is the first step towards market success. With us, however, you don't just reap a good harvest. We help you to be seen by your target group, your customer.

Sales promotion

That's why the Brand Garden is not only a creative cell, but also acts as your ambassador of good taste. We constantly network and maintain contact with important representatives from the trade, gastronomy and other important multipliers. This is how your products find their way directly into large supermarkets or restaurant chains. In addition, we support you with clever ideas for sell-in and sales-promoting shopper marketing.

Our expertise


The taste of success – your food agency for tasteful concepts and unusual marketing strategies

We are a full-service agency for food and beverage marketing. We build and develop food brands: With attention to detail, stirring storytelling and designs that make consumers mouths water. We know how to make your customers want more. Whether at the POS or on the WWW. Thanks to our 360-degree solutions, with us you will find an agency that will be by your side with a helping hand in all matters. From brand building to PR and packaging design.


Medical topics have been on our agenda since the beginning. Whether it’s new therapies, innovations in medical technology or digital health solutions – you’ll find the perfect 360 degree agency for medicine & healthcare topics in us: from employer branding and corporate communications to marketing solutions 3.0. We know the pitfalls, laws and opportunities. You want healthy communication? We’re the one.


Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of our economy. We feel at home where decisions are still made by the entrepreneurs themselves and their fingerprints are reflected in their success. We work at eye level, always from the perspective of the company’s success: what good is a wide-reaching PR campaign if it doesn’t sell a single product? We advise individually, success-oriented and sustainably: because your money is just as important to us as ours.


We live sustainability. Every day. We don’t throw away our leftovers, we give it to our chickens. Our drive is electronic and our electricity is green. We believe that eating organic meat once a week is enough and that it is important to pay attention to your carbon footprint. Just as we are mindful of what we do in our daily actions, we love working for brands and companies whose values are similar to ours when it comes to sustainability. But we also recognise that profitability and sustainability must go hand in hand to make this world a place that future generations will want to live in for the long term.


You want to launch a brand, give your company a new, more sustainable direction or reinvent your corporate design? Then you have already made a good first decision – because innovative spirit and the ability to change are important prerequisites for securing a top position in turbulent markets.

However, far-reaching changes and innovations should also be well-considered and well-planned so that they receive the attention they deserve and have a credible effect. Therefore, it is important to approach the matter wisely! The best thing to do is to find a strong, smart partner like our agency to help you unleash your potential.

BrandGarden by Mit-Schmidt We grow Success


Medical Excellence meets Media





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